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Thread: Online User Drop/supernode Snafu

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    Lately when I first start Kazaa Lite I have a 2.5 mill user range. I'll come back to check and it has dropped to the 500k's, with all of my downloads stuck in More Sources Needed. I signed up for these boards, read about jumping Supernodes... and found the 2.5 mill again. Problem Solved?
    After a few minutes I'll check and it goes back to 400-500 k users. What's up? Why do I keep getting booted to the lesser Supernode where none of my downloads continue? Anybody?
    Been downloading a 700k file for about a month and a half now..............................................

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    I was having the same problem for the last few days. I would have like 2.5 million users, then it would drop to less than a 100k in mid-download. It started getting very annoying since this is pretty much the last decent p2p program out there.
    What I did was uninstalled the program, reset the Klite registry keys back to default. I was then averaging 2.7-3 million users. So far, it hasn't gone down.

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    i thinks its got something to do with the supernode u r connected to at the moment. try connecting to a faster supernode (with kazupernodes) and let us know of the results. the number of users in mine keeps changing when klite jumps supernodes.

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    Originally posted by chiflaco@1 July 2004 - 16:21
    since this is pretty much the last decent p2p program out there.

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    Originally posted by Mr. Blunt+2 July 2004 - 07:46--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Mr. Blunt &#064; 2 July 2004 - 07:46)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteBegin-chiflaco@1 July 2004 - 16:21
    since this is pretty much the last decent p2p program out there.
    what are you doing HERE?

    kazaa keeps jumping supernodes depending on how u set the "search more sources" option. I dont thinks its becoz ur getting booted(some1 clarify plz).

    i was monitoring this problem for a while and found that as kazaa jumps supernode the number of users changes depending on the capabilities of the supernodes. I thinks the faster the SN the more number of users shown. Also u get more results for searches and faster downloads.

    any1 willing to add/correct my viewpoint is most welcome to do so in the interest of general public.

    question to chiflaco: are you consistently getting these numbers after the registry resetting? if so, plz let me know how to go about registry resetting. thanks

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    I have recently been connecting only to find like 80-90,000 users. I will have to jump supernodes a lot of times, and finally find one that is like 2 million. What the fuck. This never used to be a problem.

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    as far as I know this problem occurs not just with the 2.44 core, but also with the new 2.6 core of the client, so this has nothing to do with using kazaa lite. plus, as far as I understand, this is rather a problem with the central supernodes that bind all small supernodes together than with the client. seems as if Sharman disabled their central supernodes servers which is the reason for the whole fasttrack falling apart in small parts.

    Those 90.000 supernodes are part of the overall network and do not SPECIFICALLY contain fakes (of course there are some, as usual but not all files are fakes). If you block them in your firewall, you&#39;ll miss them later when fasttrack normalises itself.

    P.S. The reason for Sharman&#39;s messing around with their central supernode servers is unknown. However, I&#39;m pretty sure this has nothing to do with kazaa lite
    this was posted by WRfan in the post below...

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    im new. how do u jump nodes?

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    Either go to the file menu and select the option &#39;jump supernode&#39;, or right click on the system tray icon and select &#39;jump supernode&#39;. I think this only is available in newer versions of KaZaA Lite K++

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    I too would get 90, 80, and even 70k users as i jumped nodes. i have yet to try the kazaa super nods tool or reinstalling. what about when you&#39;re behind a router? i&#39;ve been trying to use katnat but with no success. anyone think maybe behing behind a router might have something to do with it?
    Thanks for any advice

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