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Thread: Melty Blood React

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    I downloaded Melty Blood React today and I unzipped the file and came across an ".img" file. How do I open them?

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    Sorry for double posting but, Does anyone know where I could get the patches?

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    Is this a pc game or a Ps2 game or Xbox game or what?

    If it's a Pc game then you can use a program called Deamon-Tools and it will save you from having to burn the .img file to a cd to install the game.

    Otherwise, open the .img file in you favorite cd/dvd burning program (somthing like nero) and click on burn.
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    Yeah, its a pc game. I just burned it and its not intalling. Hmmm...I'm still lost.

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    if you burnt it m8,should install like an original.

    in my comp,right click the drive,autoplay!!

    or from an img!!..install deamontools,right click the red icon in systray,bottom right the screen!!,mount img,navigate to the game!!.


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