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Thread: Did I Miss Something...?

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    Did they get shut down? It'll be a damn shame if that was the case....I cant logon to the site at all......

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    Heard they changed names, cant remember what it is now. I might have the address saved in my favs on my pc at home but Im not there
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    Ok, so here's what's happened. Our old host got a little notice from adv so that's gone now. New hosting has been found but this time we gotta pay for it ourselves. Site should be back within the week (today being Friday the 2nd July, which by the way makes boxtorrents exactly 10 months old today, what a way to spend an anniversary). The new server isn't exactly what you might call cheap so donations will be optional and greatly accepted. (its been up 10 months and for best part of that donations haven't been an option as they weren't needed) don't worry, I'm not like that guy ;-)
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