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    whenever my download is done i go to my libray and i can't open the file.the file has a ?.Whenever i try to open it in my coumpter it says something about i have to chose a prgram or the web will chose the program.I tried all of that and it still doesen't work.Iz there a program i have to install?

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    What type of file was it originally

    ie. movie / image /software.

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    Originally posted by Streetz@3 July 2004 - 04:17
    if its software then you will need win rar to open the file, how big is the file?

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    796.94. and i got more files than that that doesen't want to work.

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    QUOTE Streetz@ 3 July 2004 - 04:17
    It Would help if you give more details

    Is it An ISO/Rar/Bin/Cue/Data/Other?


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