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Thread: Whats Going On With This Damm Thing

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    I just sat down to use Kazaa again after quite a while away, set it to download a load of video clips, but when i came back 2 c how its getting on all i could get was a message saying "LICENSE AQUISITION" and a real nice window to go with it????
    about 95% of what i had downloaded throughout the night was the same . I read that im not the only 1 who has found this problem, so y r the files on Kazaa if they cant b used?????????????????? or am i doing somthing wrong?? or how do i filter them out?

    Thx Jack

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    For some files you have to pay. Specifically the ones with gold coloured icons. Stay away from those.

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    none of the files that i have downloaded have the gold icons, but thx anyway


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