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Thread: What Progam Do U Use To Burn Cds?

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    What progam do u use to burn CDs?
    Nero and CD Creator give me problems for some reason so i no longer use them. Right now, im using Yasa and its really good. Yall know of any programs that allow me to burn WMV files (cuz most of the programs ive used allow mpgs but not wmvs ... cuz i want to burn some videos). Thanks In Advance.

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    have you got the newer version of nero
    grab it here

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    I use nero on windows but only for burning music etc.
    For iso's I use iso recorder power tool. It's less hassle than nero and integrates right into the windows shell so you can just right click on a file and select burn without bring up a nagging screen.

    Just saw that it has problems with sp2. I did'nt even know sp2 was out yet.

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    is there a app that can burn .ram??


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