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Thread: Can Not Open Programs

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    I have got 2 programs that I can not open. One ends .bin.exe and the other .EXE
    An MS-dos box opens and tells me "program too big to fit in memory"
    I have downloaded Alcohol 120% but this doesn't seem to make them work.

    Can anyone help me, please?

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    rename it to .bin
    mount with alcohol 120%

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    hang on much. I'd be suspicious of any file with a double extension.

    make sure you virus scan it first as disguising a virus is the main reason files exist with 2 ext's (mind the .exe isn't usually on the end)

    also, Wazza, there was another topic in here in the last day or two where someone had the same problem that "program too big to fit in memory" a search may be in order
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