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Thread: Keylogger

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    Something free...
    Something easy to use...
    Something simple...
    Not bundled up with spyware, trojan, or virus.
    Link here thanks.

    Trusted Program to use.
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    a simple, easy to use keylogger doesn&#39;t exist..probably a good thing too.

    you ask for it not to be bundled with spyware or a trojan yet it&#39;s widely thought of as, or a componant of, both of those things. if someone did post a link here for you it would be pretty irresponsible of them, IMO
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    well i got this program called perfect keylogger when i scan for sure its going to be spyware... since its a keylogger but it gave a link to techtv that its said on the show... and gave the link to prove it.

    but yet i need it.

    any safe keyloggers there?
    i know there arnt but hey&#33;
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    why do you need one?
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