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Thread: Movies That Are Not Movies But Adverts?

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    hi, i downloaded a movie clip (wwe) and once i played it said "acquiring license" then brought up a new window that opened up the browser window which was an advert.

    I downloaded same clip with different names but same thing happens.

    Can someone please explain why this is happening?

    I am playing the clips on wmplayer - just for reference.

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    yea there are some videos which need licensing. THere are ways around it, im not sure where that thread is. Do a little search.

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    i cant find it, whats the topic name or what forum?

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    Just try and find movies that are not .wmv because it takes time to crack protection and if you&#39;re lazy like me, then it&#39;d be easier to just find another one that&#39;s .mpg
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