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Thread: Knoppix

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    I'm using Knoppix ATM just to check it out for the first time

    are there things I really need to check or do you have some tips please suggest me

    is it possible to run MSN messenger on it?


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    Knoppix is actually just debian on a live cd. You can downoad a program and compile and run it but it will only run from the ramdisk or some other temp location. And the next time you boot into the cd it won't be there.

    There should already be an abundance of programs ready for use on the disk. There is more than the KDE desktop, if you don't want to use that just press F1 I think at the boot prompt and pass options like the desktop you want to use and the resolution you desire, etc.

    There really isn't much to it. It can alsa be easily installed to the hardisk by using the installer if you decide you want to just open up a root terminal and do.

    and voila, your running something "close" to Debian. One of the best distros around.

    Full GNU/Linux Desktop installed in 20 minutes flat!
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    That was taken from here
    That guide may help a bit if you decide to install. The cd version can only do so much and then there's major limitations. But it's a great start.

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    lol... i use knoppix live just for frozen bubble lol

    i use lindows live cuz it autoconfigs for the net

    i dont use suse live... too f__king slow...

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    heres a list of live cd...are any of these good?live cd
    and before i tell my friend about this a good site and product?

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@3 July 2004 - 18:02
    is it possible to run MSN messenger on it?

    you can get a linux version of msn called amsn from
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