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Thread: Downloading Movies

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    I am in the middle of downloading a large movie file on clean kmd (700mb) I

    started off with 4-5 users(sources) downloading at an average speed of 40 kb/s

    and managed to download about 68% of the movie. However for the past 4 days

    every time i connect to kazaa to complete my download my status constantly

    say's "Connecting" and the different number of users keeps changing from 5-2-1-

    4-2-1 etc, repeatedly, preventimg me from downloading any more of the movie.

    It's really frustrating as i only have about 32% remaining left to download. Does

    anyone have any ideas as to how i can complete my download??

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    there is no real trick to get it to work. you just gotta leave it on all the time. hopefully, eventually it will find a source to connect to again. patience is key. B)

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    ok, thanks

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    same thing happening to me. here is the example. its been trying to connect never succeds.

    BTW is there any good links to know how to jump supernodes?

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