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Thread: Problem With Klite 2.6

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    Ok heres the deal:

    After installing Klite 2.6 as per the instalation guide everything went smoothly the program loads up all fine and dandy

    but heres the kicker whenever i click the search button klite crashes - any way to fix this?

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    it shouldnt happen, thats for sure

    What os are u using? Does it only crash when you try to search, or other times? And do you get any error messages? Perhaps a screen capture, that would help.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    I know it shouldnt happen it was probably funny the first 2 times but then it got old lessee

    Running Windows Xp

    Basiclly the just of it is "XXXX program has encountered an error microsoft windows XP bla bla bla

    Send error report dont send error report"

    I sure with Kazaa Would throw me a Bone here so i can try to figure out whats wrong

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    Yeah, I'm having this same problem. Also on Windows XP, Home Edition if that matters. I've tried K++, K-Lite, and even (gasp) normal Kazaa. All have the same problem. I guess that means it's not just a problem with Kazaa Lite, but it doesn't help me any. Anyone have any idea on this one?

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    Reduce the size of your blocklist filter.

    Options > Options > Filter

    Just leave ".scr, .vbs, .jpg.exe, .jpg.vbs, .avi.exe, .avi.vbs, .mp3.exe, .mp3.vbs" in there, also delete your db folder

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    Nope, that didn't work. If it's any help, here's the error signature:
    AppName: kazaa.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.1106 Offset: 00016b97

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    So you reduced the size of both your blocklist filter and your db folder?

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    Yeah, i copied and pasted what you said directly into the blocklist (without the quotes, of course), and deleted my C:\Program Files\K-Lite\db folder. It creates a new folder every time I restart K-Lite, however.

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    OK, I just tried reinstalling K-Lite. Right after it installed K-Lite, before it started running the automated spyware-free install of Kazaa, a message box popped up saying "C:\WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS does not exist." Now, I don't know if this is related at all, but I figure it couldn't hurt to mention it.

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    bump... Anyone wanna help us out here?

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