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Thread: How To Put Games On Kazaa?

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    can anyone explain to me or give me a website that explains as simple as possible how to put games on kazaa. I have a friend who works in a shop here in the uk who can get games days before the release and i could get alot of new releases on here if i could figure out how to put them on here


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    Do you mean how do they get games on kazaa before it's released? Well, there is a chance that it leaked out.

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    1st- get ur game installed on ur pc
    2nd- rip it like myth/class does or get a cd crack 4 it(dont ask me how thats the hard part)
    3rd- zip the ripped game or zip the full game w/ the crack
    4th- put it in ur shared folder
    5th- post on this forum(and many other) the hash or w/e 4 it and telling ppl u have it

    i dont really think if u get a game a week or 2 b4 release that a lot of ppl will dl it from u cuz big games like gta:vc or enter the matrix every1 knows the release date 4 and will prob wait intill then 2 search 4 it. but its wrth a try!

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    i didnt understand your message,
    do u want to know how to post games in kazaa???

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    i'm thinking he means how to rip a game

    Bowen747x pretty much explained the process i think, us lowly mortals have no idea how to rips games though - no where near as smart as myth/class people

    its easier to create a .iso, just use Nero or something

    if you have something like a industrial t3 connection i think the divine ones will rip it for you if you send them the .iso or something like that
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    if u want to rip games all you gotta do is download winISO off of kazaa, put the game cd/cd's in ur cd rom drive, click create iso from cd and voila!!! it makes the game iso, wow!!! now wasnt that easy? thanx bye

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    Use a program like WinImage to make an ISO image of the disk. Put the ISO file in your Share Folder.

    Use the KaZaALite editor to add "key search words" and descriptions.

    Start Sharing.

    A crack, serial, or a keygen may be needed (don't ask me about cracks or Keygens, I don't know how to do that). If that is the case. ZIP the ISO with the needed cracks and serials. Share the ZIP file in your Share Folder. If you happen to have a serial number, by all means, include it with the ZIP file.


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