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Thread: Online Shopping At U.s Store

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    My most concern woud be the overcharged tax. there was, I bought an item at for about Cnd$130, and I was charged about Cnd $50 for tax. it was much higher than the tax in here ontario, which is 15%. It was shipped by UPS ground. Now I want to buy a computer being sold exclusively in U.S market, say it's Cnd $2000, I probably will be charged Cnd$ 600-800. How do I avoid the mad charge from shopping at an online U.S store has no botherfree policy? will it be helpful to choose a shipping method other than UPS ground(I heard a lot of people got caught by it)? What's your experience?
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    i live in canada. buying fstuff from the us kinda sux, especially if its in places like miami or florida.

    u have ur exchange rate+taxes+shipping+border fees.

    its cheaper to buy stuff in ur own country.


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