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Thread: Tiscali Broadband Help

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    Heres the problem i have tiscali broadband 512k and if i am downloading something eg songs i can get 70kb tops out of it and the recieve bar is full at 576kbps. But if i am web browsing the bar only goes to about 19kbps and the pages take about 1-2 minutes loading.

    anybody know of any tips or software to make the recieve bar full whatever i am doing downloading or browsing thnx
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    It can spyware related since your downloading goes fast and browsing goes slow.
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    70kbps would be impossible if you have a 512k connection, even with perfectly clean connection to your ISP. 64kbps is the theoretical max

    Browsing is normally slower than downloading a file as the websites you visit often limit the amount of bandwith avaliable to each surfer. what you describe is normal
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    deleted all the spy ware and still getting the same problem any suggestions :helpsmile:

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    just give tiscali a call will be quicker to sort than askin here prob.
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