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Thread: Cant Change Internet Home Page?

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    Everytime i i go to get on internet explorer the home page is set to this res://ivvco.dll/index.html#96676 My friend gave me a fix for it from his registry and it worked and my home page went back to google but as soon as you close internet explorer it goes back. i have no idea how to stop it from doing that. it is very annoying. Also everytime u open IE a pop-up add mcomes up with it. Can anyone tell me how to fix this or what is causing it. ive tried ad-aware and i dont know what else to do so could someone PLEASE help?I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Sounds like you got hit bad with a trojan.

    You may have better luck posting here:

    Also: run adaware, run a virus scan.

    Once you've gotten this straigtened out, STOP using Internet Explorer. Seriously. There are many superior alternatives out there (I'm using Opera browser) that are much more secure against spyware.

    Good luck.

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    this forum is quite adequate at answering spyware questions, you just posted in the wrong section

    there was a post recently about the same thing, you can read it here in software world
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    Must have been the "Discuss about everything related to the internet..." part that confused him.

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    Download About:Buster by rubber ducky.

    Boot into safemode to run it.

    QUOTE (RubbeR DuckY @ Jul 2 2004, 06:36 PM)
    Hit Ok on the first prompt, Start on the second. Then Ok to start the removal. A log will start to form. After the program runs. Save the log somewhere.
    You can also download HijackThis, scan and save log. Post the log here to see if it removed all of the hijacker.


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