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Thread: How To Download File Found In The Web Using Emule?

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    i went to a site to find files that i can download using emule...i just dunno how to download those files...can anyone explain to me what am i doing wrong??

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    Go to options and make sure take Ed2k links box is checked.

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    ok...mayb i wasn't clear about wat i m asking....ed2k link is like this --- ed2k://|server|IP|port|/ .... and i only get the port from the do i search for the file in edonkey network??

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    Heh, that looks like a server link.
    File links look like this: ed2k://|file|eMule0.43a.[].zip|1835039|34A4A13F8397081963FA12855FB017D1|/
    You can search through the "search tab" (duh) and on websites like

    Don't forget to read the FAQ by the way.

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    Use Overnet instead of eMule its easier to setup and connects to all the same sources as eMule

    Search for the crack on Overnet (was called a "loader" when I last used Overnet)

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    Search for the crack on Overnet (was called a "loader" when I last used Overnet)
    Easier to setup?

    eMule is easy. Just go to Preferences > General tab. Then make sure a button called "ed2k" (right bottom) is greyed out. It it is not, click on it.

    Then you should be able to click on ed2k links and they will get added to emule automatically.


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