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Thread: Licence Aquisition ? Please Help

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    just sat down to use Kazaa again after quite a while away, set it to download a load of video clips, but when i came back 2 c how its getting on all i could get was a message saying "LICENSE AQUISITION" and a real nice window to go with it????
    about 95% of what i had downloaded throughout the night was the same . I read that im not the only 1 who has found this problem, so y r the files on Kazaa if they cant b used?????????????????? or am i doing somthing wrong?? or how do i filter them out?

    Thx Jack

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    did that show up when you tried to play the file? if so try a different player like VLC media it plays everthing and doesn't call home like real player and windows media players do.
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    Its because of the type of file ur trying to play. It isnt mp3 right? Its most likely the Windows audio type (wma). Now, this file type is asking fo licence. Dont bother downloading wma songs. Just get mp3s.
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