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Thread: System Tray Help

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    I have these icons in my tray that i really don't want to see anymore. Some of these include notifying me that my printer is off, or that "network bridges are unplugged" or something like that that I don't even understand. How do i fix up my tray to make it look all nice and pretty?

    someone told me to go to start>run>msconfig>startup

    so i did that

    i noticed qttask (some quicktime thing) is listed like 2 or 3 times. It keeps rechecking itself. How do I fix that?

    I also noticed that there are 2 items in the list that don't have names, but they are checked. My friend said they are spyware or viruses. Is this true? Ad-aware hasn't found anything and my virus scanner hasn't either.

    Can you help me?

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    screenshot can be a big help.
    right-click @ windows taskbar - properties - customize.
    Now you can hide/show/inactive.
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    The Past Items Icons are all messed up. The trillian icon is next to like Avant Browser. Haha

    you want a screen shot of the startup list?

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    Give us a screenshot of your taskbar (system tray more importantly).

    I currently have 4 things in my system tray: MSN Messenhger, Motherboard monitor, The speaker icon, NOD32.

    MSN and MBM I have showing, and click the little arrow you can see teh hidden NOD32 and the speaker icon.

    When i have programs open like Azereus or Kazaa Lite they will ahve a non-hidden icon.

    I like to have my comp really organized.

    3 desktop icons is too many for me.

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    I feel the same way as you. I want my tray very organized.

    I went in a chose "Hide always" for a few icons, but thats not what i really want. I just want them gone. not hidden, just gone. when i click the arrow to show the hidden icons, I don&#39;t want to see them there.

    I will make a screenshot when i have time.

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    Originally posted by ninjamonkey@5 July 2004 - 13:38
    The Past Items Icons are all messed up. The trillian icon is next to like Avant Browser. Haha

    you want a screen shot of the startup list?
    a few would be ur system tray, ur msconfig, ur services
    even ur start menu&#39;s startup
    diagnosis will be easier then

    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    ok, i can&#39;t get the whole lists in the pic becauser the window doe snot maximize. you just want the area with the 2 blank items? il include the tray showing hidden icons too.

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    I use regcleaner

    and delete items I don&#39;t want to be in startup under the startup tab. It&#39;s a great program to maintain your registry too.

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    i use regscrubxp
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