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Thread: Find Users

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    I want to know if is possible to search for users with the Kazaa Lite.

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    not by name specifically sp* but you can open your kazupernodes and search for users who have a movie you want. when you open kazupernodes hit file button at top left then choose extract SN IP's of dat file. Then open your KDAT prog and find out the file number for the file you want to serch for. ex 1080566623.dat. remember the numbers and when you goto kazupernodes you will choose the file you see with the same numbers. this will bring up the sources (supernodes) from which you already downloaded the file from but it is very usefull to find a good source you had two days ago or something like that. after you figure that out try using your Superlist that can tell you when they are active much the same way but with a little more ease. Enjoy!
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