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Thread: Finale

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    I was introduced to this great program called Finale the other day.
    Normally I would've bought it, but it's over 300 dollars. Therefore I'm scouring fileshare networks for it. I found a 2003 version, and am hoping its the real deal, as the hashes already posted didn't have anything for finale that I saw. So does anyone else use it or know of it?

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    I checked IRC and Bittorent for you.

    Irc doesn't have it, but Bittorent does. I found it in a program called GoSuprnova, it keeps a list of all the programs/movies/games that suprnova has ever listed.

    It has Finale 2003 with 13 seeds and 8 leechers

    It's 91 MB.

    If the file on k-lite is 91 mb too, theres a good chance it's the right one.
    I miss the days of random nut '03
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    I DLed that one from KaZaA and while the Extraction menu that popped up was in French I figured it out and hte program itself was in English. Thanks again for your help

    BTW, anyone who's into music should take a gander at this program. It's a musoic notation program, and can play back whatever you input. But if you've got a keyboard, so can set it up so that It'll put what you're playing into note format. It's great for original compositions. And I first used it to do key changes for vocal music. No more transposing that tricky solo down a whole step by hand and screwing up on the piano part. just change the key signature. God I'm in love with this program

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    Yeah its awesome, I downloaded it a while back. Coolest feature in my opinion is to view midi files, and then print the music to the song. Free piano sheet music B)

    There's nothing like impressing people with some Bohemian Rhapsody, lol.

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    Do you knw if there is a way to save the document in a format other than the Coda Notation File? Like .pdf or .gif, so I could print it. Because I don't have a printer, and my school doesn't have Finale. And since I am much to poor to buy a printer, and the school won't let me instal pirated software, I am at an impass. Assistance would be welcome


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