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Thread: Funny Noises On My Mp3s

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    How do I describe this one????

    I have downloaded several songs by Creed and others which behave very strangely.

    They play for maybe 20 seconds then they go off and then I hear a 3 note beep ermm sort of goes doobeedoo up the scale. Then the music starts again for 20 seconds and does it again all the way through.

    I just deleted the files but it seems really it something to do with copyrighted songs?

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    yes... it's the copyright anti-copying soundwave thingy.
    the only way to get around this is to wait for a good version to come out and to keep searching.
    for some reason, i have found that songs with higher bitrates don't have the anti-copying as much....

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    Hey sara, I have never heard the sound you speak of but I do like your avatar.


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