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Thread: .img To ?

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    Help needed please.

    I've just downloaded the latest Harry Potter, it came as .rar files which, when unzipped (un-rared?) left me with a single 4.5Gb .img file. I don't have a DVD writer so I can't burn it, Alcohol120 doesn't recognise .img files so I can't mount it, how can I watch it?


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    maybe its possible you can play the file with Videolan or BSplayer dunno for sure

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    Thanks, I've just found that Alcohol120 mounts it anyway, even though it doesn't recognise the format.

    Now all I need is the time to watch it, I've spent so long trying to make it work that I can't see it today. Bugger.

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    i've burned .img files with nero before.

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    he doesn't have a dvd burner

    once you mount it, you can play it with windvd/power dvd or good old videolan

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    Thanks, I have got PowerDvd - came with my PC - and the copy is crystal clear. Looks like Sunday before I'll have time to watch it though. Summer season, gotta work while the tourists are here.


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