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Thread: Program That Can Copy Cds To Computer In Mp3?

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    Does anyone know of a program that is very simple and easy to use that can rip a cd into mp3s onto ur comp and maybe also convert to mp3s, if the files are .ogg that u find online? thank u so much.

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    whats wrong with the ogg files
    Ogg > mp3

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    i just like mp3 better

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    There are so many topic on this (even pinned ones). You can search..

    Anyways EAC - Exact Audio Copy is good

    And CDex is more user friendly if you don`t get EAC.

    And check out this pinned topic: Guide For Making High Quality Mp3 Files

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    Easy CD-DA Extractor 7.0.8

    The best all in one tool !!!


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