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    Is there a way to get hlsw (a program used for looking at and joining gameservers) to run on linux or is there another program similar ot it that is on linux that shows the server settings and such??????
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    I'll move this to GameWorld, leaving the link to Linux section also.

    I think you have better chances to get an answer that way.

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    Originally posted by Limp_bizkit_uk@6 July 2004 - 08:58
    Interesting theory, Limp_bizkit_uk

    @dragon_son - The best chance you will have of getting hlsw to work in linux is to run it in wine.

    As for replacements, i've found these -
          - Maintain a list of games on your system.
          - Launch native and WineX games by double clicking on them.
          - Right click on a game and browse the servers available for it (Note: This only works currently for games with public master servers which QStat can query).
          - Double click on a game in the server browser to connect and play on that server.
    This is my favorite server tool for windows, and it looks like there is going to be a linux port
    Image Resized' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'></a>

    <a href=']

    Gameping is a commandline utility used to monitor games servers. It return the average players ping and loss, also the num of players, the mod, the type of server and so on
    KRconLinux is a KDE tool for querying, managing and browsing game servers like Half-Life mods (Counter Strike, Dod, etc.), Quake series, and more. It features a console to send rcon commands, a server log receiver, an (incomplete) IRC bot to monitor the games, and a chat console to interact with the players inside the game. It is capable of listing the available server maps and changing them, establishing server settings via configuration files, changing the current server password, updating and modifying the server ban list, kicking and banning players, and changing server variables.
    - Supports Windows 95, NT, Linux, and most Unixes
    - Comes with C source code and a binary for Windows
    - Supports old Quake (NetQuake), QuakeWorld, Hexen II, HexenWorld, Quake II, Unreal/UT, Turok2, Sin, Half-Life, Shogo, Tribes, Tribes 2, Quake III, BFRIS, Kingpin, Heretic II servers, Soldier of Fortune, and lots more
    - Can display all available statistics, including player info and server rules
    - Output templates for automatic HTML generation
    - Raw display mode for integration with custom server browsers
    - Built-in host name cache
    - Sort by ping time, game, or both
    - More options than you can wiggle a mouse at
    I hope one of these works for you.

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    btw guys my friend says thx for all the infos helped him out alot though i dont know what one he went with i will have to ask him
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    and you expect us to help you?
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    it just means i been here longer not that i know more than you or anyone else not trying ot be a dick though i guesss i could see how you would get that

    however i do know alot about computers just not enough linux or programs for it i firgure my friend had already tride the wine approach before he asked me for help but he didnt and he said that was what helped him,
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