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Thread: My Client Keeps Freezing

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    everytime i try to download kazzaa lite freezes at a different percent everytime......i have 2 pc's networked and neither will finish the download....same thing with bittorrent.....have linksys router....did research about port forwarding.....opened correct ports.....still wont finish xp.....westell dsl modem.....1.5 download....256 upload.....what's the problem!!
    i am new to this so someone please help me!!!! :helpsmile:

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    dude, I don't know if you're talking bout dls never finishing meaning stuck at 99.9%
    or dls just freeze randomly at many given moments. If its the latter I recommend using
    torrentstorm since I used it it hasn't froze once. for me dls froze on bit tornado and abc.

    The reason why it freezes I do not know.
    I only came across this problem since I got a
    new comp and went from win2k to xp

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    ive had similar problems recently.... & it was all down to using the lastest version of zone alarm .

    what firewall do you use?


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