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Thread: Kazaa Protector V1.0

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    This is a simple locker for KaZaA, it stops people from touching KaZaA,

    * Password Protected

    So you can go to the bathroom with out the worry of somebody stop'n downloads or messing around with it.

    Please send bugs and ideas.

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    Haha, what a nice program!!! (Could be added in to the KL Installers AND/OR integrated with KL/K++/KLE/other programs etc.!!&#33

    1. First of all it's now Kazaa, not KaZaA.
    2. Program can be opened more than once, (so make it so you can't open more than once). If it is open more than once, and if you just unlock one of these, it will be unlocked anyway, regardless of others still being locked.
    3. Ability to change/reset etc. the password. (And maybe also options to change/reset etc. the password for the Kazaa search options/adult filter etc.)
    4. An option not to use a password. (i.e. simple no-password protection, like keypad protection on a mobile phone. Also options whether password is needed to Lock/Un-Lock/Shutdown KzLock.)
    5. Even though Kazaa may be locked, a menu still comes up when you right-click the Kazaa systray icon. (The options that do functions in Kazaa won't work, but KLE menu items such as My Shared Folder will. So you could disable the right-click menu until Kazaa is unlocked.)
    6. Options to auto-lock Kazaa at startup of KzLock or not.
    7. You can still close Kazaa through the Windows Task Manager even though Kazaa is locked (and after it is closed, it still remains locked.). (And then if you reopen Kazaa while KzLock is still locked, Kazaa will still be locked also.) So possibly add a function to close KzLock (or do some other action like pop up a message etc.) when it detects that Kazaa is closed (and possibly then ask whether to reopen Kazaa). (And possibly a function to auto-open KzLock with Kazaa, or confirm, and if this is turned on, also options to auto-lock or not, or comfirm etc.)
    8. If you close KzLock with the Windows Task Manager in the other hand, and Kazaa was locked, it remains locked unless you also close Kazaa with the Windows Task Manager, shutdown, or open KzLock again and unlock it. So make it more foolproof (such as possibly auto-unlocking when KzLock is closed by Windows Task Manager or pop up a message or something like that etc.)
    9. An error message or something similar should come up when the password entered is wrong.
    10. Possibly an About box/help screen etc. about KzLock.
    11. Options whether to display the Kazaa window when someone "tries" to open the Kazaa window while it is locked, or not. (And possible options to allow access to simple functions/simple access while locked, such as minimise/maximise/restore/resizing windows/switching tabs/scrolling up and down/everything except access to certain buttons/right-click/certain menus/certain menu items/keyboard typing in edit boxes/certain systray menu items/systray icon clicking etc. which is configurable.)
    12. Shutting down KzLock (by using the Shutdown function and entering password) will not unlock Kazaa. (So make it so that using the Shutdown function will also unlock Kazaa???)

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    I just ask that when you lock, it minimizes kazaa to tray and doesn't let you right-click kazaa tray icon. Even better, an option to hide the kazaa systray icon too...

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    Actually, I need that protection from myself. I've terminated more than one DL by accident.

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    rather then use this program, can you include an option into kazaa lite so it will hide itself and from the icon tray but only be opened with a special hit of cammand. Ex. alt+ctrl while pressing K this will tell kazaa lite to come out of hidding... i just don't see why an option like this could be put into kazaa rather then use additional programs to hide it.

    Thank you for your work though much thanks.

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    looks great!
    but I have to agree with SECFAN's post.
    It needs more options.
    I there a way to manipulate the file in order
    for it to protect folders and/or other programs?

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    where the developer of this go?

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    I've sent him an E-Mail with my post and telling him not to just leave details of his program and E-Mail address and just sit around waiting for an E-Mail to come, but to reply in this forum as well.

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    Originally posted by secfan@22 March 2003 - 00:18
    I've sent him an E-Mail with my post and telling him not to just leave details of his program and E-Mail address and just sit around waiting for an E-Mail to come, but to reply in this forum as well.
    Guest he did not lissten.

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    that was his first post, and no posts he made from that one post. plus, he still has that one post only, therefore, we can assume, he is not coming back; maybe.

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