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Thread: Weird But Big Problem...

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    ok so i decide to clean out my case because theres so much dust in i turn off the power supply, disconnect everything, and take it outside....i use one of those air spray things and get dust out of most places.....then i plug everything back in and turn on my computer....the fans going, cpu fans going, sounds like HDD started up, powers on....but nothing comes up on the i wait a few minutes and still nothing i press a key on the keyboard and the computer starts up...its all normal normal blah blah and then i try to type something and nothing happens...the light on the keyboard is off i unplug, plug,unplug, plug it back in....when i plug it in the lights on the keyboard flashes once....but it wont work...the mouse works and everything seems like its working but the keyboard wont work....i restart and i have to press a key on the keyboard to turn it on, meaning it has to be sending information to the computer....and at startup, the Asus motherboard says something but i can understand it because it sounds like a robot mouse trying to sometimes happens but sometimes doesnt....and i still cant fix this...argh how do i fix this? i cant use my computer without a keyboard.....ok thx

    oh and all i disconnected while i was cleaning the case was one fan but i reconnected it...

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    sounds kinda like a keyboard key is stuck down or something...that cuases it to sometimes not be found at bootup.

    can u try using a different keyboard? make sure no pins are bent.

    is it usb or PS/2?

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    its a ps/2...its pretty old but it was working fine all this time....i have no other keyboards....

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #4 works now for some odd reason....o well as long as it works


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