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Thread: Counter Strike

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    If i want to play counterstrike do i need the game half life??

    what version do i need?????????

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    You need halflife to run the game counter strike. It is a modification of hl, therefore don't work w/out it
    Plus if you d/l halflife you wont be able to play it online unless you have a legit wonid (see another post all about it, dont know which 1 tbh)

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    No, there are two versions - the Mod and the Retail version. If you have a legal copy of Half-Life, you can download the Mod for free from If you download the retail version with Kazaa, it won't do you any good because you'll never find a CD key that works online. You might be able to find either version pretty cheap on eBay, though. I'd recommend buying Half-Life because it's a great game by itself, and there are tons of free mods you can get for it.


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