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Thread: Pestpetrol

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    This is what a guy At another board posted. I don't hav Pestpetrol, so I am asking if any1 else have Pestpetrol, and can they ran a test, and See if the "RAT" got through k-lite, or someother source.

    Thanx in advance

    Just to give a heads up, I updated Pest Patrol tonight, ran a scan, and found something disturbing in the codecs for Real Audio and Quicktime. Until a few days ago, I had always opted not to install these. Here are the logs:

    "M/D/Y","Seq #","MAC Address","User","Location","Pest","PVT","Action","MD5","Computer Name: "
    "7/6/2004","0418885930","00-0E-A6-64-6A-A1","Chris","EProgram Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\QuickTime\quicktime_browser_plugin.exe","MC 30 Day","427563672","Deleted","9d39a743ee890e890add2601bdbb3ae5","CHRIS-PC"
    "7/6/2004","0418885929","00-0E-A6-64-6A-A1","Chris","EProgram Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Real\realmedia_browser_plugin.exe","MC 30 Day","427563672","Deleted","a25bfca12b57fa7227147cd102da09e3","CHRIS-PC"

    Here is the description of the RAT:

    It's quite possible something else came along, picked those 2 files out of the millions on my PC, and hid the trojans there, but that would be pretty low on the probability scale.

    Anyhow, knowledge is power

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    false positive
    pretty sure no malware included in the codec pack

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    Those two files are self-extracting WinRAR files. There is nothing wrong with them.

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    Pest patrol is shit. I used it and it fucked up my computer.I think it searches for programs that ru along a similar pattern to what it describes, and jumps to the conclusions that it is a trojan. Thats my assumption. Tell me if I am wrong.
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    You are correct Sir. After doing some research on Pest Patrol. I reached the conclusion, that program is crap. I read few other forums and shit. And found out, it has an Act of giving false positives.


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