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Thread: Burning Prob

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    first off i hope ive put this in right area-sorry if not! i have downloaded a movie which is in avi format split into 2 cds it is labelled as dvd rip n also has a subs folder with it. the problem is how do i use the subs cos i act need them 4 the film. i.e how do i burn the film with the subs inc ideally i want to burn to dvd but cd will after be ok if i cant do dvd. i dont have a clue wot to do wid the subs folder any1 help??? much appreciated
    thanx in advance

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    could you maybe refrase that????

    anywayz, as far as i can make up your question: just burn in as you downloaded it. you have to open the subtitles seperatly in your media player (the subtitles are just text files)

    and yes, you can burn both CDs separatly as a CD, or put them both on a DVD....
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    wot software would i use to put onto dvd though? so id have to watch on my computer to be able to see subtitles???


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