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Thread: Euro Dream Team..

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    Well we all had our disagreements about rooney and others in euro 2004 and now looking in hindsight, if you could, who would have made up your dream team from the players in the tourney?

    i'm still thinking so i'll get back to you....

    campbell would be there tho

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    I think I'd pick the entire Greek team.

    They all worked together as a team of players, not a team of individuals, and ultimately that's what won them the tournament.

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    Gk: Buffon - it wasn't his fault Italy bowed out early, he's still the world's best

    LB: Ashley Cole - much improved player defensively
    CB: Campbell - Who else?
    CB: Andrade - good no-nonsense defender, great tackles
    RB: Seitoridis - good defender, good running with the ball, good passer, i would say integral to Greece's squad

    ML: Cristiano Ronaldo - very dominating on the wing, also made someone fall over with his tricks
    MC: Gerrard - just because he's Gerrard, and i can't think of anyone right now
    MC: Nedved - very important playmaker in the Czech side
    MR: Joaquin - Same as Ronaldo really, but with better crossing

    FC: Baros - Golden boot winner
    FC: Larsson - Scored a hat-trick, errr, hes only on my team because i thought Rooney would be too obvious


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