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Thread: Windows Xp Key Shower

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    So since a while back I've been on XP...but I think the tag fell off the with the CD key or something for I am not able to find it.
    So I am wondering is there a small program made for looking at my current CD Key on winXP Home. I could really use it..


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    Here's a little program that checks for product key.

    File:WindowsXP Product Key Viewer.exe
    Length:12293 Bytes,12KB


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    the best place for JUST XP cracks

    ok heres a Windows XP Key Viewer(its the same one as above but this ones a simple web download rather than a K-Lite Hash)

    Windows XP Product Key Viewer

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    I know this might be off the subject but maybe not. If this aint easy to do I do not know what is and I don't know if actually anyone has figured this out but.......

    I was in Circuit City just the other day and I wish I had a notepad and pencil because every computer they had on the sales floor for demonstration and sales all had the product key sticker for xp home edition on the back top of the computers. Could not believe my eyes
    So, in other words what I am trying to tell u is that if you want a working key for xp just go to circuit city with a notepad and pecil. Walla! lmao

    This is true just go look for yourself.
    You think they have brains or what ... to know that anyone can get those keys?

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    i have a document with about 2000 Windows XP Product keys lol
    still this circuit city place is very dodgy to be doing that
    one of the harvey norman shops i went to over here in australia
    left all of the product key stickers on the front of all their programs
    and everyone was sneaking around the shop grabbing cd keys for everything
    haha, then some tightass anti piracy fool had to tell the front desk.


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