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Thread: Need Help With Identifying Artist & Song

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    Hi guys

    I was downloading Evanescence Rock Ring videos and I did a preview and found that I was downloading the link below but I really like the artist and I dont know who they are and what the song is called so I need some help, I got my friend to upload to his dads space and here is the link

    Link Removed!!!

    You will need to use AVI Preview to view it as its still a .dat file also I think Crosscut is the person that ripd itI could be wrong...the video is only 9 seconds long!!!

    If you know who the artist is and the song title please tell me


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    Its ok......i found out the info...someone PM'd me thanks

    its: Lordi - Would you love a monsterman

    I will remove the link soon!!! as my friend asked me to...


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