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Thread: Windows Media Player Alternative

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    could it be possible, that the guys from real and quick time alternative can build it?

    if yes,

    because i hat wmp.

    i alwayse use winamp and kazaa lite mega codec pack.

    but stream with windows media files is imposible.

    because i removed wmp from my hdd.

    thx for all

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    The user is pointing you at "Media Player Classic" which is bundled with K-Lite. It's a very nice program... not perfect, but my favorite choice for movies. You can also visit the Sourceforge site (it's open source) to download the latest version at:
    Media Player Classic (MPC)

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    yep, sucks being lazy

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    no. i use mpc.

    but i want to see streams from windows media files on my browser like real or quicktime alternative

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    You can use MPC for this. If it's not working then something isn't set up properly. Try the forums for MPC in the above link.

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    please excuse the 'newb' but...

    I see no sign in the MPC docs about windows media *plugins*
    if it is .wmv, .wmf we are talking about...

    I cant seem to understand how the 'sourceforge' support page is structured - please can you say it in plain newbie-speak?? (please!&#33

    I have the klite pack (with BSplayer [version 1.00.808] & Media Player Classic [version] )

    another question is when MSmediaplayer2 would just get a new codec, how would I enable this for bsplayer etc??

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    Originally posted by anti00Zero@8 July 2004 - 16:01
    but i want to see streams from windows media files on my browser like real or quicktime alternative
    copy/paste url into 'Open'

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    errr... open where?? if you mean 'mediaplayer' - my kid can do that...

    in the browser is totally different, needing a *plugin* like quicktime or realplayer uses...

    without this, a properly setup browser will just savethe file, or load the external player with it loaded...

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    Hi! My name is S........
    I have some problem with codecs, like most of you :helpsmile:
    With mega K-Lite codec I have problem with madia player clasic. I threw out my mega codecs and installed standard codecs. Itīs better now but I cant see movies in AVI preview. Onli I can see are lines!???
    Can somebody help me. Iīm mother to 2 children and they play games most of time. I havenīt so mutch time to "play" with Kazaa.
    Wath is that I realy need to be able to see kazaa movies on my computer. Witch one codecs and witch one player is enough for me
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! :helpsmile: [COLOR=purple]

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