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Thread: Please Help Me Out

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    hi, im new to kazaa lite, i'm a transfer over from spyware filled kazaa, i have to say this is the best file sharing system i have dealt with yet. My problem is that i have tried to download a porn movie file called (monsters of cock-deja) (or sometimes the word monsters of cock is abbrieviated to MOC so the file might read MOC-Deja)When i have typed in those words nothing came up, but i know the file exists because i saw it at the monsters of cock web site. when i type in just monsters of cock or when i type in just MOC many files come up but none with the girl that i want which is Deja. Then i tried just typing in the name Deja but that yeilded no results, but then 4 days ago i typed in the name deja and the file came up, i was so happy, when i downloaded it it downloaded for a while then stopped with the word more searches next to it. i tried to search for the file again and it would not come up any more. Then yesterday it came up again 2 files actually of it, i downloaded them but they to stopped downloading after a while after going a smooth 15k. Now the file doesn't come up at all on my searches, can someone please tell me why this maybe happening, and also any suggestions on finding the file, thanks sooooo much in advance

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    About droping speeds. Most likely sources had went offline and the solutions is to look for more sources either by having the accelerator on, by jumping SuperNodes (File->Jump SuperNode or File->Disconnect + File->Connect) or by merging .dat files of this file. About not many sources. Perhaps the file is no longer popular ? Jump SuperNodes.

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