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Thread: Bios

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    my lpt port is set in "spp" mode..... it wrks fine but when i change it to "ecp" mode... which i need ... the comp gets into an infinite loop of reboots... u knw.... i see the windows xp logo with loading shit and hen restarts.....


    i need "ecp mode"

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    In bios setup, do you have the option of setting the I/O range for the port, or the interrupt line?

    I've seen a similar problem where the system set the port to use the same address as the ISAPnP Read Data Port, but I have a feeling it did that because the interrupt line conflicted with something else.

    Your problem may be different, but it can't harm to try it.
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    you could also see if your motherboard manufacuter has a BIOS Upgrade and flash the bios to see if it helps too.


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