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Thread: One Harddrive Or Two?

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    So I'm at the step where I am deciding on what harddrive I want to get. I was thinking about a 120 but then I thought about getting 2 80GB ones. Is there any pros or cons of doing either? Would it just be cheaper to get a 120?

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    Chances are a single 120gb would be cheaper, however having two seperate could be safer if you use one to keep important backups on incase either fails.
    Having one single one would also cut down on wiring inside your case if your a neatness/cooling nut like me.
    Both options have their goods and bads...
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    i don't know the prices, but if something happens to one a t least you have the other one and you havn't lost everything
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    twin raptors on a raid 0 would be sweet

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    one large drive should be cheaper, and like kaiweiler said there'll be better airflow in your case

    hard drive failure is pretty rare, and i prefer to just backup my stuff on CD-R

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    plus having 1 harddrive gives you better upgrade options.........
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