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Thread: I'm Recordin Onto A Vcr With A Tv-out

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    So I am recordin a movie onto a VCR.. I am usin a TV out with my pc.. everything I am certain is hooked up correctly.. on the TV it shows color.. but its recordin in black & white.. um.. is this supposed to happen ??? Audio id fins.... Any help would be very much appriciated... thanks....

    *lemme rephrase that.. it shows color whilst recording..but play-back is in black in white...

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    wrong format ntsc or pal?

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    Originally posted by mikharris@20 March 2003 - 20:42
    wrong format ntsc or pal?
    Um... ... I am not sure exactly what you mean.... could you please explain what exactly pal and ntsc mean.... I know when I transfer something to vcd I hafta put that accordin to fps.... but is there something I missed that has to do with the tv or somethin... ... wow I am confuzzled.....

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    I just read this on another site.. could any of these be my problem ???

    From site-

    Normal VHS VCRs do not have S-video inputs. If you try to feed S-video to them, you get black & white picture.

    ^ I have the s-vid plug into converter thing adapter you know... and it turns into a/v or rca connections whatever you call em... and that end goes into the TV... everything sorks GREAT.... but when I record.. black n white...

    From Site- Other possible problems is wrong color standard
    for VCR. Your TV might be multi-norm TV, but
    your VCR most propably is not.

    ^ Ummm... say wha ..... ???

    From Site- Then there is the possibility of Macrovision

    ^ Umm.... again I say..... "say wha... ???"

    From Site- Do the connection with composite video cable and
    check the card settings carefully that you have right TV standard selected.

    ^ Um.. I guess I'' go check my settings....

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    Confuzzled Posted on 20 March 2003 - 14:45
    QUOTE (mikharris @ 20 March 2003 - 20:42)
    wrong format ntsc or pal? 

    Um...  ... I am not sure exactly what you mean.... could you please explain what exactly pal and ntsc mean.... 
    Look up your definition of pal and ntsc here dvdrhelp

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    THANKS ACCAT13 !!!

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    *Confuzzled bangs head on desk and runs in horror ... ... ...

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    I hav reasons to believe some evil force from beyond the grave doesn't want me to figure this out....

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    Originally posted by Confuzzled@20 March 2003 - 16:58
    I hav reasons to believe some evil force from beyond the grave doesn't want me to figure this out....
    I do in fact believe you may have the most apt user name ever known to frequent a forum. You have even begun to confuzzle me and that is saying something.

    Your converter thing you mentioned. Is it a box and is it powered? That is does your converter need to be plugged into an outlet for it's own power source or is it just a box? Not sure if that would have anything to do with, if you can see color on your tv but not your VCR then it may have something to do with signal strength.

    If I connect a 50 foot S-video cable from my PC to the TV it will be in black and white, 12 foot is perfect color and if I use a powered converter box color with my 50 footer. However if you see color on your TV it should in theory record in color, at least from my expereince, however I have never even thought to record any of my digitial media on to ancient video tape.

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    LOL !!! Well.... its actually.. excuse my confuzzling um.. descrpition of it.. I got it confuzzled with somethin else... ... Okay lemme restart...*slaps self on forehead...I plug one end of the s-vid into the pc tv out thing... then the other s-vid end I plug into ...well... its like a little connector that I plug a s-vid into...its kinda looks like a splitter in a way if that helps... and on the on other side i have a video in/out thing.. and it goes into the video of my vcr .. and the audio connections I plug into my speakers... I have the L/R plugged into this thing that makes it a single connection... then the other L/R audio connections go into my vcr.. ... the cord from my pc to my vcr is about... 10 to 12 feet long... Oh and no there isn't an adapter or anything that needs to go plugged in for the connector thing...

    Well... I do convert things to vcd as well as vhs... I just wanted to record my tmd movies to vhs .. then when I get ahold of the dvd rips or dvd screeners of them.. put them on vcd.... LOL !!! Ancient video tape... *Confuzzled enters cave.... opens tomb and pulls out vhs tapes....

    *Oh and.... thanks for the info !!!

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