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Thread: Some Kazaa ?

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    Okay, I've finally d-loaded some other versions of KaZaa, and I'm wondering what is what.
    K-lite Resurrection - ver 07 (listing is *KLR007*)
    K-lite - ver 2.6 (listing is *cleankmd260*)
    K-lite - ver 2.6 full (listing as *klite26rc22full*)
    K-lite - ver 2.43 (listing as *klitekpp243e*)

    I got all but the clean one from /]http://www.[spam]/.
    The clean listing was from nsane productions.

    So what's the difference and is one actually better than the other?

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    Yes, each of those Kazaas are different. Dont bother useing cleamkmd260 as its out dated. If you want a clean kazaa based on kmd26 use K-Lite26rc22.

    Kazaa Resurrection is different. It isnt based on kmd26 but kmd202. If you had ever used the origonal Kazaa Lite K++, its basically that, only they make minor changes (Like updated the 3rd party tools). Kazaa Resurrection came about since the origonal Kazaa Lite K++ stopped. However, Resurrection isnt in dev. The only one that is is k-lite26 (but its in beta and has bugs)

    If your new to the realm of Kazaa, I would recommend getting this, Kazaa Lite K++ 2.45 Its the most stable, has all the updated 3rd party tools, and all the features.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    Well,they all eem not to work anyway. 2 of them said the kpp file wasn't found, and the other would shut down whenever i tried to search with it. How do I D-load from the page that thread says to go to. When I tag the button for K++ it tells me it cannot find that page within the frame.

    And I used an older version of KaZaa (K-lite1.72).

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    ya..i agree..k++ is for beginners...i mean its the bugs whatsoever...but if you're advanced and want like all the good stuff...then you should get klite2.6 rc22

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    I'm basically looking for a working copy right now. don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind the bells and whistles, but a working copy is my priority. It seems like the copies I had were missing files (the kpp problem) or something is wrong between the program and my system (klite26rc22full shutting down when I go to search, I'm running XP). While I'm not a heavy D-loader, I liketo have the option available.


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