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Thread: Ms Word

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    Sometime last week something happened on both my computers.
    Now I can only open one MS WORD window at a time, on either computer.
    One is my laptop, that I rarley use.

    Any one know what happened - and how I can get back to having more than one WORD window active ? I can't find any option for this.

    Could this be a Windows Critical update screwup ?

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    are you sure that you only have the one window open? click the "window" menu in word after you've tried to open more than one window and see if there is anything else listed in there.

    sorry if it's not the case and you find my answer simplistic but it's better to eliminate these things
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    If I open two Word files - the "Widows" lists both of them...
    But there's only one Window.
    Isn't this the same as just closing one - then opening the other ?

    If I try to open a second WORD window - it just replaces the first one in the only Window visable.

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    What version of word are you using? I think this is the standard behaviour in Word98.

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    Do you mean that there is only one Word toolbar button?
    This is the normal behaviour in all versions except '2000'. There is an option to turn this off in the program's config somewhere (but not to turn it on in 2000&#33 although I can't remember exactly where.
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    Word 2002 in XP w P4
    I used to be able to open multiple WORD windows - but about a week ago – I noticed I could not longer do this. The only changes I have made are updating Windows (critical updates only), Adaware and Norton updates.

    Yes – there is only one word tool bar … there is only one WORD Window.
    Even my little used laptop started working this way. The only changes to it lately have been the Windows ,Adaware and Norton updates and exercise (calibrate) the battery.

    I can open multiple WORKS windows – and everything else seems OK.
    The fact that my laptop also started working this way – make me suspicious of Windows Updates.

    There has to be switch somewhere I can flip to set (re-set) this feature – but I can’t find it.
    I asked at the local computer club last nite – they could do it including multiple windows in the same document. Everyone left scratching their heads.

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    Click on the previously used document (on the list) and both should appear.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    I have Office 2003 but I believe the setting is in the same place, so here's the instructions for 2003...

    Open Word & select Options... from the Tools menu.
    Click the View tab and put a tick (checkmark) n the box labelled Windows in Taskbar.
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    A sincere Thanks to ALL of you. I have learned a lot by watching this forum.


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