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Thread: Nero Vision Express

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    Used Nero Vision to convert AVI to MPEG, then burned onto a CD and put into DVD player. All I get is Nero main screen (in this case the "Island" background) with a tiny box showing the first scene of the movie with "Chapter 1" underneath that. I KNOW the video ran because I could see it as the disc was burning. SO WHERE IS IT AND HOW DO I WATCH IT?

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    o.k it's 1 of 2 things.............either you've got a duff version in which case un/reinstall and get different download.

    Or this is what i do, the cd will only start with the remote control.
    either press 1 on remote or previous chapter and it should play ok.......let me know how you get on

    regards Alex

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    Sounds like you had the menu option turned on and didn't set any chapters. If you hit the 'select' button on your remote it should play.

    If this is the case, next time either set some chapters or turn off the menu creating option.
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