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Thread: Dvd Decrypter (best Dvd Ripper)

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    Released 6 July 2004

    Added: Option to save the log on exit
    Added: Additional debug code to IFO mode that shows 'skipping' of unwanted cells
    Added: A log entry for the 'L0 Data zone Capacity' when burning DVD+R DL discs
    Added: A new option to the 'ISO Write' page in the settings - 'Cycle Tray Before Verify'
    Added: Crash recovery for 'Checking for RCE Protection' code - so corrupt IFO files shouldn't mean the disc can't be copied - as all other IFO parsing can be avoided if required
    Added: ISO Read / Write modes now display the % done of a background format on drives that support it
    Added: 'F8' now enables/disables I/O Debug Mode
    Added: 'F9' to minimise the program to the system tray
    Added: 'F12' to load up another instance of the program
    Added: 'Browse' to the file menu for people who demand keyboard shortcuts
    Added: 'Exit' to the context menu on the system tray icon
    Added: 'Firmware Updates...' to the drive context menu
    Added: 'Source Media Type' (i.e. DVD-R, DVD+R) to the log in IFO/File/ISO Read modes
    Added: Support for enabling 'SpeedRead DVD' on the Plextor PX-712A
    Added: Support for another I/O Interface
    Added: Support for just dragging a 'supported' image file onto the application icon and it automatically going into ISO Write mode
    Added: Support for CLI error codes when in ISO Write mode
    Added: Support for '/SPEED ' CLI command
    Added: Support for disabling 'Media Change Notification' under all I/O Interfaces
    Added: Support for creation of 'Chapter Information - LBA' files in IFO mode
    Added: Support for creation of 'Chapter Information - DVDLab' files in IFO mode
    Added: Support for exclusive drive locking under ElbyCDIO in ISO Write mode
    Added: Support for handling of corrupt IFO files. PGCs that don't really exist are now displayed as 'corrupt' in IFO mode
    Changed: Changed CLI command /VERIFY to /VERIFY
    Changed: Detection of 'end of disc' in ISO Read mode during the actual read phase
    Changed: Detection of drive capabilities to work with drive that don't error out on a certain command but instead return blank information
    Changed: The order of a couple of commands in ISO Write mode
    Changed: The volume is now dismounted and locked when it's locked in exclusive mode
    Changed: The duration of exclusive locking. It now locks during verify too
    Changed: Unsupported files in ISO Write mode now display more information as to why they're not supported
    Changed: The method of finding out the current type of disc - so it may change the information in ISO Read / Write modes for burnt discs
    Changed: 'RCE Protection Found' dialog box to include ALL region
    Changed: File mode logging when 'Detect Mastering Errors' is enabled
    Fixed: A problem using Device ID strings for the source / destination via CLI
    Fixed: A problem with the DoItFast4U CLI switch whereby the CC (closed caption) data was copied over before it was decrypted
    Fixed: A problem with possible oversized WAV files
    Fixed: A problem with renaming of files and not checking the free disk space properly
    Fixed: A problem with blank discs not coming up as 'Disc Is Empty' in the 'Read' modes
    Fixed: A problem with 'Shutdown after write' on Windows 9x machines
    Fixed: 'Failed To Set Write Parameters' error on Panasonic DVDRAM burners
    Fixed: A problem with NSIS installer on Windows NT 4
    Fixed: A problem where aborting a read in ISO mode could give you a 'pack header not found' warning in the log
    Fixed: A problem with some corrupt IFO files causing access violation errors
    Fixed: A problem where files with names < 12 characters in length wouldn&#39;t line up in the File mode file listing box
    Fixed: A problem where ISO Read mode would hang if files other than IFO/BUP/VOB&#39;s were in the VIDEO_TS folder
    Fixed: A problem where all files in the VIDEO_TS folder (other than VOBs) would get processed by IFO/BUP patching code in File mode

    info and download

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    I still prefer DVD Shrink

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    I use both, DVD Decrypter for ripping and then DVD shrink for the rest of the job


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