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Thread: Injured Knee

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    On 30 June 04...slipped and fell on my knee. The cut just below my knee cap I ignored because it wan't that bad.

    Being the macho man...didn't go see the doc.

    Now I'm paying for it...that little cut caused a severe infection to set in underneath my knee cap, and was spreading up my leg. If I'd waited 24-36 more hours to go to the Dr., could've spent about a week in the hospital for a major operation on my knee, let alone cleaning my system out from the infection.

    They cut my knee open to drain some of the infection, Good God! it hurts...thanks to Morpheine, it don't hurt to bad.

    So don't be macho...if that infection would've reached my internal parts of my stomach, could've cauysed some serious damage.

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    totaly agree!,always see a dr with a serious injury!!


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