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Thread: Burning Avi's

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    Hi to all the members: I am new to Kazaa and want to learn a few things. I appreciate your help in making me a better user!! I download mpg movies and then use NERO software to burn them onto a cd, no problem. But I noticed that most movies are AVI files. When I download them and then go to burn them onto a cd I am not able to get them past the part when they are analyzed. A message pops up and says that "unsupported file format". Is their anyway that you know how I can cure this so I can burn movies. The version that I use is nero 5.5.9. I thank you in advance for any help as I am new to computers and kind of need a helping hand.

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    I hate to say this but this question has been asked many times before check out this site and look under convert ..I suggest tmpgenc Shiniqami's advise and don't convert with Nero it sucks just use it for burning mpg files B)

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    If you want to make a vcd or svcd do what accat13 suggested. If you just want to make a backup copy burn it as data and you shouldnt have any problems.

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