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Thread: .avi To Mpeg 2 Rendering

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    I need a good .avi to mpeg 2 ripper I am currently using nero's and it sucks. It doesn't sync the sound well. Also I was wondering if anyone knows of hashes for just the .vob files for movies to burn straight to dvd. I have a ton if anyone is interested in me hashing them.

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    check my sig for how 2 and tips for problems

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    the main 2 i use are tmpgenc plus as above

    and main concept mpeg enconer

    both are great at doing dvd compliant mpeg 2 fromat

    then i use tmpgenc dvd author to add menu and convert to vob files, and it also burns them to dvd as well

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    Thanks delph I will check those Out

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    Yeah neros crap at encoding movies tempgenc is about most respected bit of software in the film making community.Theres not much point looking for hashes for vob files as if every1 put all the diff vobs in they could get mixed up, I just look for the iso image or bin and cue file these days and cut the encoding bit as it can b a bit of a pain, the only things I encode are home movies.


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