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Thread: Protowall And Blocklist Manager

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    I downloaded these 2 things....i got both of them installed and working. I updated the list on protowall and did the check sources thing on blocklist.

    And now....what do i do after that? I see i have to do something in the inclusions and exlucsions thing but I dunno what I have to do. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get these two programs working right?? (and the other programs they will work with)

    oh and in Options>Sources is the whole thing supposed to be blank? mines blank and when i click in the box, theres an error message and it exits.... "Run-Time error '91': Object Variable or With Block variable not set"


    ok heres what ive done so far...I did check sources, went to options and put in App Location for protowall and kazaa lite.....and did the export all option....and i exported whatever it is im exporting to Protowall and K lite.....

    is there anything else i need to do?? im still confused...i dunno if its working or not...or i have the newest update....and why that error message is coming up....thx

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    hmm ok i fixed the does anyone know what else i have to do?? maybe intrusion or whatever?


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