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Thread: Psychic Char Margolis

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    has anyone seen it on CNN today?

    do you believe there is psychics?

    I believe reincarnation, but how could they talk to the dead? coz according the rule, spirits can only stay near the body for 49 days after death and then reincarnate, but those psychics claim they can talk to the deads have been dead for years?
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    actually I wrote an email to ask her for the question, see if there is response.
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    I believe in the possibility. But who writes these rules you are refering to? If it is possible to speak to the dead, why not any longer then 49 days?

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    49 days is from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

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    i believe in past lifes but not speaking to the dead
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    Originally posted by MagicNakor@10 July 2004 - 09:20
    49 days is from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

    actually I haven&#39;t read the book yet, but I learned it from other sources.

    I suggest her to visit Tibet if she is not fake, I believe there are many people there have much higher level psychic ability, and the master can choose where they will go for their next life. I read a book, a tibetan master chose to be reborn as a French Canadian, he is now living in Montreal, he could recognize himself as a Tibetan master.

    I forgot the name of the book, has any heard of it?
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    Originally posted by MicroScreen2@10 July 2004 - 13:39
    i believe in past lifes but not speaking to the dead
    I believe in Micro + Screen = 1 but not 2.

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