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Thread: Why Can't I Hear Anything?

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    Hey, wise k-lite experts. I've been using another p2p client to download mp3s for a while now with no probs. Just started using k-lite recently, and some files have been fine but some (all, I think, from recent albums) appear to have downloaded successfully but seem to contain no audio data. I've opened them in a sound editor and they just contain a little over a second of silence, even if they're showing a file size of 4 or 5Mb. What on earth is going on? Have the CD companies found a fiendish way to screw us or have I got something configured wrong?

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    I believe you have been spoofed. Make sure to check the file size before you start downloading.

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    Ive downloaded a song before Shes not ther " by crowded house it was 4 meg long I player it it was about 3.50 minutes of blank I was pissed off coz its the only source there for that song as its a rareity

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    Originally posted by dingoBaby@21 March 2003 - 02:44
    I believe you have been spoofed. Make sure to check the file size before you start downloading.
    File sizes are fine, but they don't contain any audio information. What do you look for to avoid being spoofed? These looked like all the individual tracks from an album, but I do seem to recall that the source name was '' or something similar. Am i answering my own question here?

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    its hard to tell if there spoffed or not 1 thing u could do is get them from varafid sight with sig2dat
    the other thing u could do is after u dl part of them u could use dat view to to run them in ur favrite mp3 player and see if there what they state they are

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    OK - I used DatView after I had downloaded 900Kb of a file and it said 'u haven't downloaded nothing of this file yet'. What does DatView do: convert incomplete .dat files to .mp3?

    Dumb question, but I'm feeling lazy: where do I find verified sites to use sig2dat with?

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    It happens to me also, let say 1 on 30-40 .mp3 DL. But in my case, my player says that the file seems to not be a .mp3 (I don't know if it's your case). What I do is to edit the file with a flag editor. I modify 1 flag and save. And each time after the .mp3 becomes good. It never failed. It works with those softs:
    - audio converter Pro 4.5
    - Creatice Playcenter
    - Winamp V2.81

    I'm using Nimo pack.

    I don't know if it will solve your pb, but u could try.

    Did you try to convert the file with an audio converter ?



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