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Thread: Quicktime Movie File To Svcd?

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    i have a bunch of quicktime movie files i would like to put on a SVCD. do i put them on the same way as i do an Mpeg? just drag it to the window?

    and also can i skip for one video to another? kinda like scenes on a dvd or tracks on a cd?

    thank you in advance

    EDIT :: i also have other videos i would like to put on there, that are different fiel types like MP4, RealPlayer Presentation, and a Windows Media Audio/Video file is it possible for those to go on there to?

    sorry i am only familiar with MPEG's to SVCD.
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    You'll have to convert the quicktime files have a look here I've only just loaded this so haven't quite worked everything out yet, oh "cough" have a look on BT for it.


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